Migrating your code from v1 to v2

Changes to base API convenience methods


In v4 Tron.toDecimal() is renamed: toInt() for improved clarity. It does not return a decimal.Decimal, it returns an int.

Removed Methods

  • Tron.toUtf8 was removed for toText().
  • Tron.fromUtf8 was removed for toHex().
  • Tron.toAscii was removed for toBytes().
  • Tron.fromAscii was removed for toHex().
  • Tron.fromDecimal was removed for toHex().

Provider Access

In v2, tron.currentProvider was removed, in favor of tron.providers.

Disambiguating String Inputs

There are a number of places where an arbitrary string input might be either a byte-string that has been hex-encoded, or unicode characters in text. These are named hexstr and text in TronAPI. You specify which kind of str you have by using the appropriate keyword argument. See examples in Type Conversions.

In v1, some methods accepted a str as the first positional argument. In v2, you must pass strings as one of hexstr or text keyword arguments.

Notable methods that no longer accept ambiguous strings: