All code starting with a $ is meant to run on your terminal. All code starting with a >>> is meant to run in a python interpreter, like ipython.


TronAPI can be installed (preferably in a virtualenv) using pip as follows:

$ pip install tronapi


If you run into problems during installation, you might have a broken environment. See the troubleshooting guide to setup_environment.

Installation from source can be done from the root of the project with the following command.

$ pip install .

Using TronAPI

To use the tron library you will need to initialize the tronapi class.

>>> from tronapi.tron import Tron
>>> full_node = HttpProvider('https://api.trongrid.io')
>>> solidity_node = HttpProvider('https://api.trongrid.io')
>>> event_server = 'https://api.trongrid.io'
>>> tron = Tron(full_node, solidity_node, event_server)
>>> tron.default_block = 'latest'

Getting Blockchain Info

It’s time to start using TronAPI for Python! Try getting all the information about the latest block.

>>> tron.get_block('latest')
>>> {
"blockID": "00000000003a5bbda4aea15cb5d99230674463e9d5f2c0c647316839b25fd5b9",
"block_header": {
    "raw_data": {
        "number": 3824573,
        "txTrieRoot": "31ee3e2ed28f843bf1d53495beece2f5b9c76480772f0106e17156fb0066c3a2",
        "witness_address": "41f70386347e689e6308e4172ed7319c49c0f66e0b",
        "parentHash": "00000000003a5bbc1e78e3144ad52f01a27b8f7acceb98d3ca09c1abea5cd32a",
        "version": 3,
        "timestamp": 1541425827000
    "witness_signature": "fddc729f55c0ecc6f9cf4ab17cf818ddc0e85d2c21382ed6b1430adb1dcd13006c24ae0e08f16d29362452ec8869d29a28d57a85d6cec30ef60c2a37332fdb4d00"
"transactions": [